Winter Fun For All in Houston Now!

Staying Warm With Houston Winters

Many people enjoy the fact that Houston has milder winters compared to those of New York City or Chicago. Of course, you do miss out on a few traditional winter activities by investing in Houston condos….or do you? Houston, a city full of surprises, has one more for you: a winter wonderland with weather in the 70s. Families, couples, or people flying solo can still take part in winter fun this year.


First Up is a Winter Staple: Ice Skating!

Discovery Green is Houston’s “It” space these days. It’s no coincidence that many luxury Houston condos have sprung up around it (like our brother property Marlowe). Over the winter season, the space is even more bustling thanks to the ice rink. That’s right: you can skate on over 7,700 sq ft. of ice chilled to 22 degrees. There is also a “pint-sized rink” for the kids. Fun fact: The city hosts art installations here often – including one right now! After enjoying some time on the ice, take a walk down the “enchanted promenade”. You can even stop by The Grove for dessert.


No Snow? No Problem!

You don’t need to fly anywhere to have a white Christmas. Just have a snow party! Ice Express Houston offers an easy 4-step process to creating a magical winter wonderland anywhere in the city. All you need is ice, the blower, the snow machine, and room for activities! Sled down a hill, make snow angels, or have a good, old fashioned snowball fight. Hint: private special events are their focus.

For a more relaxed dose of winter fun, enjoy a cup of Ghirardelli hot cocoa at Bosta Kitchen. The low-key atmosphere of refined simplicity will make the experience all the more heart-warming. Pro-tip: they also just completed a new brunch menu that’s served until 2 PM!