Real Estate Investing in Houston in 2017

Your 2017 Houston Investment

image of downtown Houston near uptown luxury condos and loft Arabella by Randall Davis

While the market is in flux thanks to a newly elected president, the city of Houston remains optimistic and growing. We have previously talked about
reasons why Houston should be your next home and good news: Arabella has started taking pre-sales! The luxury condo scene can be a cluttered one which makes it difficult when investing. How can you know what neighborhood will be best for you? What are the economic trends of that neighborhood? The best option is to do your research about your next Houston luxury investment. As always, Randall Davis remains a leading authority in Houston about both real estate investment and luxury loft living. His work with Roberto Contreras of DC Partners has produced several properties – some of which are nearly sold out. So, why is Houston so alluring for luxury condo owners?

Recession Proof and Rising For Investing

image of real estate investment and investing graphic for Arabella luxury condos and uptown lofts by Randall Davis near River Oaks District


Many were concerned about the economic powerhouse that is the city of Houston in 2016. The economic slump of the rest of the country barely caught up with us, but we are already bouncing back. Anyone with knowledge of Houston’s economic structure can tell you that the city is a “boom/bust” city, but that “bust” time period is getting progressively smaller. Conversely, the “boom” part is growing. Our city’s financial prowess lies in more than oil and gas. We have a booming medical industry and a burgeoning medical tourism industry. On top of that, real estate prices have continued upward throughout all of the supposed economic “downturn.”

World Class City

image of Bicentennial Park near uptown luxury condos and lofts Arabella by Randall Davis in Houston

You hear many people talk about “once in a lifetime” experiences at the Lacma in Los Angeles or at some high-end restaurant in Manhattan. Those people might never have been to Houston in their lives. Outsmart them: get a luxury Houston condo with the
ultimate amenities for a fraction of the price. Enjoy the same internationally renowned museums and opera houses. Indulge in one of a kind meals all around the city. You can even enjoy a walkable neighborhood at your Arabella Houston condo (or just enjoy a glass of wine on your balcony).


With the uptick in Houston’s job scene, a reinvigorated real estate investment economy, and a Randall Davis property ongoing pre-sale, what are you waiting for? If you don’t move on your luxury uptown condo soon, you might not have another chance. 2017 is the year to invest in Houston, TX, but don’t just take our word for it. What opportunities await you at The Arabella?