Luxury Loft Owner’s Groundhog’s Day To Do List

Groundhog’s Day To Do List

You already know about the quirky holiday that is Groundhog’s Day. What is an upwardly mobile owner of a luxury Houston loft supposed to do on this day? You could hop a plane to see the ceremony in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. You could watch the movie Groundhog’s Day. Or you could celebrate this holiday in the comfort of your own neighborhood at the Arabella. Here is your definitive Groundhog’s Day itinerary, as inspired by the film, is right here.

Start the Day Off Right

image of downtown skyline near luxury uptown lofts and condo Arabella by Randall Davis near River Oaks District

You enjoyed that delicious avocado toast with a poached egg and tomato yesterday. Why not prepare the same thing for breakfast today? Be sure to pair with the same freshly squeezed orange juice you purchased last weekend from Whole Foods. Slip into the same Simon Miller jeans from yesterday, your favorite St. Nicola shoes you wore yesterday, and that perfect collared shirt from COS (that you also wore yesterday). Depart from your uptown Houston condo and take a stroll to the River Oaks District. Visit all of the same luxury stores you did yesterday: Cartier, Hermes, Roberto Cavalli,  and Dior. Maybe you should even purchase the same John Galliano candle from Diptyque.

Same Old, Same Old?

image of Seasons 52 in River Oaks District of Uptown Houston near luxury condo and loft Arabella by Randall Davis


You might be getting the strangest sense of “Deja vu”, but stay with it! After revisiting all the same shops, be sure to check out Seasons 52. You enjoyed the blistered shishito peppers and duck wing “lollipops” so much yesterday, get them again! It’s Groundhog’s Day after all. Complete your River Oaks District adventure with a stop by Flow Juice Bar. As tempting as that Equinox member exclusive drink (The NOX) looks, you had a Greenify yesterday, so that’s what you’ll be having today.

To finish off the day, watch that same episode of the new Netflix series (
A Series of Unfortunate Events) that you fell asleep to last night. If this itinerary seems familiar….that’s because it’s exactly what you did yesterday. On second thought, maybe you should just watch the movie with Bill Murray instead. Leave the reliving the same day over and over to him! Besides, when you have such an incredible luxury uptown loft to enjoy, everyday should be an adventure.