Randall Davis Company

As the pioneer of Houston’s mid and high-rise condo living, Davis repeatedly raises the bar on innovative and forward-thinking approaches to urban living. Completing more high-rise buildings than any developer in Texas, Davis has forged a reputation for sold-out, highly sought after residences that are unparalleled in design and concept.

Cosmopolitan caused a loud whispering throughout the industry for being the fastest selling high-rise development in the history of Houston real estate. An eye for detail and a vision of perfection are ever present in each Randall Davis Company building. Whether restoring and redeveloping the nationally renowned Rice Hotel and historical downtown buildings to erecting aesthetically designed high-rises such as Renoir, Empire and Manhattan, Davis is known for his dedication to quality materials and designer finishes. His vision for exceptional living, unparalleled convenience and the highest quality of life have resulted in the development of over 13 buildings in Houston and surrounding areas including the latest under construdction Astoria, Renoir, Gotham, Metropolis, Manhattan, Empire, Rice Lofts, St. Germain, Hotel Icon, and Cosmopolitan. His midas touch has extended to seaside living and the sin city and includes Sapphire – South Padre, Diamond Beach & Emerald – Galveston and Metropolis Las Vegas.

Randall Davis Company DC Partners

Founded in 2011, DC Partners is an award-winning luxury real estate development and investment firm with the financial strength and experience to complete projects of all sizes and asset types.

DC Partners’ portfolio of projects underway, completed, and acquired consists of more than 3 million square feet and more than $1 billion in development with properties including mixed-use centers, luxury high-rise condominiums, hospitality, office and residential communities. The success of Houston projects Astoria, Arabella, Marlowe, and 2506 W. Main led to expansion in San Antonio. The Arts Residences and Thompson Hotel San Antonio is the fastest selling high-rise condominium project in the region.

Houston Business Journal awarded Arabella Deal of The Year in 2016 and Winner of the 2019 Landmark Award. Marlowe also has the honor of being a 2019 Landmark Award finalist in the Multifamily category.