Designer Living: From Louboutin to Arabella


Eric Clough: From Louboutin to Arabella

By now, you know that the Arabella is the height of futuristic design aesthetics and modern luxury. Randall Davis is almost single-handedly “moving the design needle” of the Houston skyline forward. Of course, he can’t accomplish this task without a little help from people. Since Randall has such a strong vision, he likes to work with equally visionary people. After admiring one particular Christian Louboutin store, Randall just had to know who designed the store. The genius behind the chic and high end shop is Eric Clough. This name might not be familiar to some of you, so let’s provide a few details about this multi-discipline architectural designer.

“212box doesn’t stop at architecture. The firm approaches everything from custom wallpaper designs and desktop toys to master plans and super tall buildings with the same ultra-collaborative approach, and with an unparalleled sense of possibility. No project is too big or too small; and no matter the physical size of the project, 212box operates at the same level of boundary-breaking creativity. ”

– Eric Clough on Design Firm 212Box

A Vision and a Method

Eric Clough attended Yale where he acquired his Masters degree of Architecture. After renowned fashion designer Diane Von Fursternberg recommended his design talents to Christian Louboutin in 2003, it was magic. His pairing with the noted women’s shoe phenom proved fruitful. Since 2003, he has collaborated on nearly 50 Christian Louboutin stores around the world. He even had one of his works featured in The New York Times in the article “Mystery on Fifth Avenue”. Hint: it is being optioned for a movie by J.J. Abrams. He operates from his architecture and design firm, 212Box, in the financial district of Manhattan. 

So, how does this fabulous designer figure into the visionary Arabella by Randall Davis? Randall was so impressed with his work on the Louboutin stores, that he knew he wanted to collaborate with this versatile and comprehensive designer.


Each store captures the uniqueness of a Louboutin shoe without sacrificing style or voice – and you always have that pop of red! This is the kind of lifestyle that Randall envisions for everyone when he designs buildings like the Arabella: luxurious, design-oriented, modern, and aesthetically captivating. Just like a Christian Louboutin shoe is a personal statement, your Arabella home will be custom-tailored living from the genius minds of Randall Davis and Eric Clough!