New Year’s Eve Party To Do List

Prep Your New Year’s Eve Party To Do List


As anyone living in fabulous Houston uptown apartments will tell you, a great New Years Eve party relies on preparation. Throwing a party at your exclusive home in the futuristic spire of the Arabella should be no exception! Lucky for you, we have a quick “cheat sheet” to ensure your party is the talk of the town all year long.


Prep Your Menu

Whether you start the evening with a French 75 or Champagne Margarita, your New Year’s Eve party must have bubbly cocktails. Everyone loves single bite apps. Blue crab beignets or spinach puffs will be instant hits! Pro-Tip: you’ll also want to pick up party supplies. We recommend shopping locally at Emerson Sloan. You can find appropriate decor, paper goods, and more for almost any occasion – including your exclusive year end party. You’ll also want to send out invites to your curated party list (but you already knew that).


Pick Your Best Champagne

You’ve picked out your New Year’s Eve cocktails and prepped your dessert list, but you still need one critical element: champagne. Many people will tell you a bottle of Dom or Cristal is the way to go, but perhaps a Ruinart Blanc de Blanc would better suit your party decor. You could even opt for a champagne alternative like cava, prosecco, or something entirely different. Either way, you’ll need elegant flute glasses. You can find dozens of designs at places like Crate & Barrel or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Of course, when the experts from Moët & Chandon tell you to “drink champagne from a white wine glass” instead of a “narrow flute”, perhaps it is time to rethink the shopping list.


Pop That Cork!

You’ve gathered your best friends and family. You’ve chatted about the past year’s ups and downs. The clock reads 11:55 and you gather everyone together for the most important time of any New Year’s Eve party: midnight! You welcome another year full of opportunities, positivity, and friendship. The River Oaks District illuminates your windows and you watch downtown fireworks from your balcony view. This could be your New Year’s Eve party at the Arabella.