Your Memorial Park Adventure

Your Memorial Park Adventure

Your Arabella uptown Houston condo may be the ultimate in luxury, but you should enjoy more than just the views of where you live. One of Houston’s largest green spaces is merely ~1.8 miles away and features beautiful grounds, hiking trails, tennis courts, and more. Whether you want a quick run, a family picnic, or need to indulge someone in some Pokemon Go, this park is the place to do it. Plan a Sunday Funday around these features of the beautiful Memorial Park grounds.

A Houston Tradition


The city of Houston, long known for its traffic more than its art or culture, has dedicated itself to creating more “green space” in the city. Memorial Park has been one of Houston’s main green spaces for many years, but it started as a training base called “Camp Logan.” The city developed the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center in 1964 as both a wildlife sanctuary and an educational area. The park has seen many changes during its existence and continues to receive attention. In 2015, the city passed a $200 million initiative for a new 113-acre section of land for the park called the “Eastern Glades”.  This will add to the more than 30 miles of hiking trails, 18 hard surface tennis courts, 250-acre 18 hole golf course, and other attractions of the park.

Tennis, Golf, Biking – oh my!

Having a park map is a good idea simply because of the sheer size of the park itself. If golf is not your sport of choice, take a look at the bike trails throughout the park. You can find different color coded trails that vary in distance and difficulty. There are indoor swimming facilities complete with lockers, showers, on-site trainers, and weights/resistance training equipment. Various baseball and soccer fields abound along with plenty of picnic areas. Ample parking makes the park accessible to everyone which is good because of all the events the park hosts throughout the year. With your uptown luxury condo so close, why not spend the day at the park?


The city is releasing more information about the “Eastern Glades” expansion consistently and plans to create more “green spaces” around Houston. Combined with our developing arts scene, world-class museums, and diverse foodie culture, the city of Houston is not “becoming” a worldly city. We have always been one and we are not being recognized for our food, art, culture, parks, and real estate developments. Find out what other incredible destinations your Arabella luxury condo is near in our other blogs!