Luxury Shopping Brands You Need in Your Life


image of Dior at River Oaks District

Luxury Shopping Brands You Need In Your Life NOW

By now, you know that the luxury shopping center, The River Oaks District, is Arabella’s backyard. You also know that designers like Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, and Dolce & Gabbana are your neighbors. After a trip to Hermes, there are a couple newer brands you should also get to know. After all, you can’t have too many luxury shopping choices, can you? Hint: the answer is “definitely not!”

Start With The Classics

Apart from the prestigious destinations mentioned above, you mustn’t miss the Dior store. If you are still looking for last minute gifts, they even curated a gift guide for you. Metallics and all things shiny are ruling this holiday season. Complete any gift with a trip to Cartier or even Harry Winston. A new statement watch or dazzling necklace is the ultimate “treat yourself” accessory.

image of luxury shopping brand Joie products

Modern Styles for Modern Women

Though there are many fabulous men’s fashions shops in The River Oaks District (such as Kiton), there are two up-and-coming brands available at exclusive stores in The River Oaks District: Alice & Olivia by Stacey Bendet and Joie. Designer Stacey Bendet delivered her vision of fashion with this next brand. You can peruse Alice & Olivia’s lookbooks or simply pick out a beautiful statement piece like this gorgeous golden gown. The European influences – most notably French and Spanish – make for stunning pieces. Joie offers dressed up comfort like these drop waist linen pants or this easy, breezy silk floral dress.

image of luxury shopping brand Alice and Olivia

The beauty of all this: you’re steps away from these boutiques at The Arabella! You can still indulge in those classic brands, but these demand your attention. From elegant evening wear to sporty summer dresses, you can have it all. Pro-tip: be sure to enjoy an aperitif at Steak 48 after a long day of re-designing your wardrobe. You’ve earned it.