4 Reasons Houston is Your Next Home

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Top 4 Reasons to Buy Property in Houston

Many buyers in the American market have always looked to cities like Los Angeles or New York City first when thinking about a new base of operations or second property. Over the last few years, the gap between these cities and Houston has been exponentially shrinking. So why aren’t more people looking to buy in Houston? Here’s the top 4 reasons your next home should be right here at the Arabella!

Your Back Yard is A Luxury Shopping Center

Steps away from the immersive high-end River Oaks District, the Arabella is the ultimate in modern design and high end amenities. One of Randall Davis’ most ambitious designs, you can find floor plans at all price points that provide top of the line amenities and features. Not to mention the one-of-a-kind backdrop that is the city of Houston, Texas.

You can find all kinds of culinary and shopping goodies at the River Oaks District, but there are some experiences that require a trip. Places like MF Sushi in the Museum District are world-class. After sampling the Omakase, visit the world-renowned Museum of Fine Arts Houston that boasts a fantastic yearly collection with rotating special exhibits. In the latter half of 2016, they hosted works by Edgar Degas and Kusama!

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Eclectic & Diverse: Houston Always Has New Things To Do

Just a few blocks down on Montrose and West Alabama, you’ll find the ineffable Menil Collection – a free museum that showcases wonderful works by local artists, relics of ages past from the Egyptians, Greeks, and various African cultures, as well as the Rothko Chapel. Be sure to stop by the nearby eatery Good Dog Houston for all kinds of inspired and creative food. It will make you rethink everything you ever thought you knew about hot dogs. Also: their homemade mustard and ketchup are life-changing.

Jobs, Art, & Culture

This city has always been an entrepreneurial city. Since the mid 2000s, companies have seen the benefits that Houston brings to their everyday operations. With no state tax and booming tech and medical industries, Houston has seen and continues to see tremendous interest on behalf of out of state companies in relocating here! Thousands of people and companies move here each year. It’s no wonder that this city is always on lists of most rapidly growing cities for homeowners and investors.

So there you have it: the top 4 reasons to own property in Houston. The unique combination of art, food, culture, and industry all make Houston one of a kind!