Condo Essentials: Custom Aquascapes

Your Uptown Condo is Missing One Thing: A Custom Aquascape 


You’ve picked out your custom Eggersmann cabinets. You’ve opted for the heated bathroom floors in the master suite. All that’s left for your Arabella Houston luxury condo is for it to be built! That leaves plenty of time to think about how you are going to design your interior spaces. Embrace a new trend that isn’t an accent wall or a screen print of something by Andy Warhol. Experiment with an entirely new design element: custom aquascapes! Houston’s own nationally renowned Aquarium Design Group offers a wealth of choices to suit any aesthetic.


More Than Just Pebbles and Plastic

Owner and operator Jeff Senske founded the niche store with his brother after discovering the rich hobby thanks to popularity in Europe and Japan. As committed as they are to aquariums, they also highly value art and design. This informs the dozens of options for the interior of your aquascape. The largest room of the company’s boutique/art gallery combo storefront holds all kinds of elements to add to your project. As a result, this room is referred to as “The Stash”. Aquarium Design Group has the materials you need to create stunning coral reefs or minimalist hardscapes. You can craft a unique and one-of-a-kind aquascape for your Houston luxury condo. Another option for an aquarium location: your office!


Crafting A Mindset & Making Art

It is no secret that aquariums can soothe an anxious mind. The pastime of creating custom aquascapes can be therapeutic just as much as artistic. Pictured above, you find a breathtaking reef full of different fish species, anemones, and other undersea life. You can find videos on YouTube about the various types of aquascapes from live planted to marine hardscapes to reefs and more. There are actually seven styles of aquascapes. Popular styles are Iwagumi and Biotype, but you don’t have to stick to just one style. There is a type of aquascape for everyone who wants to craft one.


Most noteworthy is that the rich story of how aquascaping came to become so popular is yet untold. Apart from Aquarium Design Group, there are not many resources in the southern part of the states for this type of art and hobby. Luckily, Jeff is the teaching type. Whether you are briefly considering or staunchly obsessing over an aquarium, don’t worry. Jeff and his staff can help you craft the perfect aquascape to complement your Arabella Houston condo.